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Bob attended the New York School of Visual Arts and earned a Master of Science degree from the world - renowned Pratt Institute, New York, NY. He also  attended the Newark School of Fine  and Industrial Arts, and the International School of Film & Video. Member of Graphis, New York, NY.


Bob’s lust for life includes varied interests.
A licensed pilot with instrument and sailplane ratings, Bob flies open cockpit and other vintage aircraft. He is also interested in rowing racing shells, cars, astronomy, fishing, tennis, golf, sailing and native american art and architecture.


Special thanks to those respected educators, leaders and Associates who have inspired me throughout my professional life:  Joseph Albers, Abdalla Allousheh, Stacey Alphas, MSD Worldwide, Giacomo Balla, Al Baird, Hans Beckman, NSFIA, Nancy Behrens, MSD Worldwide, Dr Silvia Bonaccorso, MSD Worldwide, Constantin Brancusi, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Dominick Casulli, Eugene Carlin, NYSVA, James Carlin,  NYSVA, Tom Carnese,  NYSVA, Dick Cochran, Glenn Russen & Mike Newman,  Chromewerk, Carolyn Cook, Francis Criss, Charles (Chuck) Csuri, Ohio State, Louis Cuevas, JWT Latino,Salvador Dali, Cpt. Nick DeLuca,  USMC, Tony DiSpigna, Pratt Institute, Msgt. Bill Duffy, 170th, Bob Dunning, NW Ayer, Lou Dorfsman, CBS, Ed Fisco, DHS, Charles Fredricks, Bill Hackett, C&G, Charlie Hackett, C&G, Burne Hogarth, NYSVA, David Horton, WPU, Howard Hughes, Irene Jack, MSD Worldwide, Thomas Jefferson, Steve Jobs, Don Johnson, JWT, Mildred Kaiser, NSFIA, Walter Kaprielian, John Kerry, Dick Kieth, NW Ayer, Jinna Kim, MSD Worldwide, Franz Kline, Anthony Kramer Jr., Helmut Krone, DDB, Lee Levy, George Lois, Ed Lowenstien, NSFIA, John Pappas, DHS, Charles Lindbergh, Raymond Lowey Associates, Marilynn Lyons, Pratt Institute, Herb Lubalin, Pratt Institute, Etan Manasse, Pentagram/Pratt Institute, Jack Marmars, C&G, Javelyn Mashaphu, MSD Worldwide, William May, Marce Mayhew,  Ed Merk, NSFIA, Norman Merlis, Murray Miller, Glenn Mireau, MSD Worldwide Design Group, William Muir,  WPU, Elon Musk, Richard Nasso, NSFIA, David Ogilvy, Paddy Paderewski, Gordon Parks, Alan Peckolick,  Pratt Institute, Irving Penn, Pentagram, Ed Ramsteck, Paul Rand, Patti Rhymer, MSD Worldwide, Admiral Hyman Rickover, Hal Riney, Robert Miles Runyon, Lee Savage, Ed Scolamario, NSFIA, Adam Schechter, MSD Worldwide, Gary Schubert, WPU, Ellen Schultz, C&G, Jerry Sorin, Phyllis Stone, MSD Worldwide, Joe Shramko, C&G Design Studio, Major Artie Speirs, George Stevens,  NSFIA, Igor Sunora, NYSVA, Carlos Tessi, MSD Worldwide, Janice Townsley, C&G Design Studio, Chris Trapp, Ted Turner, Mies Van Der Rohe, Bruce Vardon, JWT, Johannes Vermeer, Dr Bjorn Smith Wang, MSD Worldwide, General James Young and the wind beneath my wings, my wife and family.


Bob Talarczyk's World Class firm,  Darkhorse Design located n historic Lancaster County Pennsylvania, has received over two hundred awards from many prestigious organizations including:  Graphis, Photo Graphis, Society of Illustrators, Philly Gold, New York Art Directors Club, Advertising Age, Clio, Andy, Graphic Design USA, New Jersey Art Directors Club, Print, RX Show, Creativity, AIGA, Telly, I.T.V.A., Santa Fe Photo Workshops, Cannes Film Festival, Dublin Film Festival.


The award categories include:  Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding & Corporate  Identity, Advertising,Package Design, Exhibit Design, Illustration, Photography, Film, Video and Animation worldwide.